Jia food co., LTD was founded in2004Years,公司总部坐落于中国罐头之都、Chinese food city of zhangzhou jiulong river,Cover an area of an area2Million square meters,The production workshop10000Square meters,Frozen warehouse6000Square meters(Inventory level6000Tons)。Products cover the frozen dessert products at present、Meat products、Seafood products、A few kinds of flour products, etc,After more than ten years of development,Has become a set research and development、Production、Sales、The service is a body comprehensive、Specialization of frozen food enterprises。The company's“The home is good for them”With“Jiulong river estuary”Two brands,Deeply the general customers and consumers of praise and favor,The products have been won“Fujian famous snacks”、“Fujian famous dishes”、“Fujian point”,“The Chinese famous snacks”、“Chinese dishes”、“Of famous Chinese cakes”Such as the honorary title,One of them“The home is good for them”The brand was awarded“Zhangzhou well-known trademark”,Fujian cuisine association“The standing director unit”。2013Years,The company also withCCTV.COMFor exhibition enterprises,A strategic partner。

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