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Rainbow bar marble polishing
Cloud grey marble sandblasting surface
Cloud grey marble ground surface
Litchi Snow White marble
Snow White marble ground surface
Gold hemp medium yellow litchi noodles
Gold hemp medium yellow ground surface
Pingdu ash ground surface
Cherry red face(Shallow)
Cherry red ground surface(Shallow)
Sesame white litchi surface(Big flower)
Sesame white face on fire(Big flower)
Sesame white ground surface(Big flower)
Company profile
Company Profile
      Pingdu stone shi caihang is a strictly implement the international quality standards,Engaged in all kinds of stone mining and processing of production enterprises。With gold,White linen and three white marble mines in Asia。Product variety is complete,The production of various specifications of the plate,Heterotypic plates,All kinds of grinding plate,Fire board,Chop the kettle,Litchi boards,The pineapple panel,Frosted glass plate and so on,Varieties withG350、G355、G357、G364、G365、G367、G368、G383、G386, White marble、Bluestone and all kinds of sandstone。
      Another company has a large group of manual processing,Can produce various kinds of stone
Contact us
Contact Us
Pingdu stone shi caihang
Address:Qingdao pingdu DianZi Town in China Stone industrial park
A mobile phone:18953249992
The phone: +86-532-85977912
Fax: +86-532-85736829
Web site:
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